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 Application - Cal'Ez Sunstriker

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PostSubject: Application - Cal'Ez Sunstriker   Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:13 am

Well, Heyah!
I'd like to join The Ebon Hold for some few reasons that will pop-up in the background story.

The Grand Lich Lord Cal'Ez Sunstriker.

Cad'rathil and Mal'Vathon Sunstriker were the two new-bloods of the Sunstrikerline, Their parents happy to have gotten two beautiful sons spent their time to teach the boys of the life, of greatness and power. Of the Pride of being a Sunstriker.

Cad'rathil the oldest of the two boys quickly were put in private trainer in the swordsmanship. And he did show that he had great potentical in it.

Mal'Vathon were always training in secret with his older brother when their parents wasn't around. But when Mal were just few years from being an adult. His parents forced him to become a Magister apprentice.

The years passed and the brothers rarely saw each other. When news came out that their Mother had been murdered their father had lost his sanity and hunted the guilty, they ended up in Amani territory. Both were quickly slain.

Mal left his training and took up the training as a Soldier and Scout.

Cad on the other hand were shining brightly with his sword skills. He joined the army to fight the Trolls in the future.

Mal and Cad rarely met each other for unknown reasons, none of them knew. But when Mal recieved a son of his own. Cad was there to witness it, to see the new blood.

The little boy, was looking up at the two brothers while lying in his mothers arms.

"Káilias.." Mal said. "His name will be Káilias.."

Cad never visited his brother, but he did secretly visit Káilias. To see how the boy was.

Years passed and the boy started to train for a Magister, he spent five hundered years training. During this time Mal were on a mission within the Amani. He was never found again.

Some months before the third war, Cad met this odd human, He seemed so strong and wise. He called himself Kel'Thuzad.

Kel'Thuzad spoke of a new time, a new world. With a god that would lead them. Cad listened to the old man. And joined his cult, The Cult of The Damned. Months passed and Cad trained his new arts, the necromancy.

He tried to convince Káilias to follow him, but he refused, seeing it as blasphemy.

Cad'rathil approached Arthas Menethil.

"I'll follow you into Quel'Thalas. I will show you the easiest ways to reach it."

The young Death Knight just laughed at the elf and ordered the catapults to tear the trees down.

Cad'rathil were second in command of The Cult, and with Kel'Thuzads death. It didn't work so well, they just followed were ever the Death Knight went.


The elf didn't respond, It was just hours before the siege of Silvermoon City.

Cad eyed the Death Knight.

"Order the army to move on. I'll take the Sunwell."

Cad moved over to a hill top. He opened his arms wide and as he spoke his voice boomed over the area.

"Brothers! Sisters! I Cal'Ez Sunstriker has been given the order to lead you in the siege of Silvermoon! You shall move swiftly and slaughter anyone in your way! Leave them to rot in their own blood!"

The undead started to move towards the city. Cad'rathil smiled for himself, he held up a dagger and spoke in ancient elven, putting a curse on his blood, he then sliced his right eyed down to the throat, yet leaving the eye unharmed.

During the years that passed Cal'Ez were taught with the powers of a Lich by Kel'Thuzad.

Kel'Thuzad had promised him that he would become a Lich but yet be able to keep his body.

Cal'Ez met up with The Necromancer Vyramath and The Dread Commander Dagran in the sewers of Undercity. Together they planned the downfall of the Ebon Hold, and the mortal world.

But their goal were easly distracted by Algaeac and the minions of the Ebon Hold.

As Vyramath went missing, Cal'Ez frustratedly roamed Azeroth after him, wanting to slay the traitor.

It didn't end well as Kel'Thuzad summoned him. After a long discussion Kel'Thuzad grabbed the elf by his throat.

"We know you had a little agreement with The Spirit Champion, Cad'rathil! Even if it never turned to work out. You still were prepared to betray The One!"

"I..never.. meant it!"

"Silence!" Kel'Thuzad threw him into a wall. He then drained the powers that bond Cal'Ez to his lichness. He lost it all. His powers.

He was forced into a state of a weak necromantic Knight.

"No! You.. you took it away from me!"

Kel'Thuzad transported him out of Naxxramas into the snowy mountains of Northrend.

Cal'Ez now looks for redemption, he looks for the vengeance he so long thought was betrayal. The Ebon Hold must help him, there is no one else...

So.. thats kind of a background story i just came up with so sorry for the suckyness.

Anyhow. Cal'Ez did were planning to slay The Ebon Hold but as he was robbed on his powers, he want to fight The Scourge.. and regrets he didn't see this from the start.

I've played here for a a year and perhaps 4 months, I've roleplayed since i came here and i also roleplayed alot on Wc3.
I know not many people but alteast a few.

Algaeac is one you might could ask how i was when i was my Scourge-self. If you really want to ask others about me i can give you more names. But..
I love to play this game aswell as Roleplay and well I do want a guild for my DK. whom icly never been or will be a DK. Necromance Knight Razz..

Well this is my application.. Hope you had a good read!
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PostSubject: A tale   Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:08 am

Your application seems more of a stating of facts like a report than a story, yet I'll overlook that, we're not all story-tellers, or have the time to do so.
Problematic parts in your application I find are facts like "Being the second in command" and "leading the assault upon the Sunwell", it's unsaid whether Arthas led this or the Lich King (Through player's view in Warcraft III) yet to claim such rank and title calls for some trouble, however I'm willing to look over that.

I'll pass this for an interview, please contact me or Kedran for an in-game interview.

(On a sidenote, a Death Knight ís a necro-knight, just one type of necro-knight.)
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Kedran Vaultrine
Kedran Vaultrine

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Cal'Ez Sunstriker   Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:07 pm

I have to agree with ol' Neshy here on it all, we're not all story tellers etc.
Furthermore I have little to add, except for perhaps that I don't like such close interaction with lore characters but this is mostly a personal preference as long as it isn't 'lorebreaking' I won't make a big deal out of it.

As Nesh said you can contact either me, or him (Mirné is his alt should you see that one online) for an interview.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Cal'Ez Sunstriker   Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:18 pm

About that, The Wc3 view is rather more Arthas with Tichondrius(right spelled..?) and Kel'Thuzad(ghost) who did the attack.
Even tho LK would of course over see it, as he does with all.

Second C. of The Damned isnt -that- huge but ofc. Perhaps not, and even so anyone could somehow have met them, spec regarding The Scourge, during their march over The Northern Kingdom.

But sure, also i tried to make it a good story, but i was just takin' what i could get up in mind. So it wasn't thought-through.

But I will contact you when I see you online, and thanks!
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Kedran Vaultrine
Kedran Vaultrine

Posts : 262
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Age : 26
Location : High in the sky, or in the van outside Nemy's house.

PostSubject: Re: Application - Cal'Ez Sunstriker   Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:45 pm

Cal, I honestly disagree with that. The Cult of the Damned was the instrument of the Lich King in Lordaeron before the Scourge amassed all the dead from the plague (Which the Cult helped to spread alot if it not did that completely on it's own which I believe it did.).
Were it not for the Cult, the Scourge may wel have not been so succeful in my eyes. If you would position yourself as second in command (or well, at this point there are two commanders under Kel'thuzad himself with the simple title of "Next in line") your character would have been woven into the lore of Warcraft in such a way that he has had quite an impact. And well, these characters are only placed in the lore by Blizzard.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Cal'Ez Sunstriker   

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Application - Cal'Ez Sunstriker
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