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 Application - Deamolus

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PostSubject: Application - Deamolus   Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:50 pm

I long for a home. Somewhere where I can rest.

My memories of the time before Arthas turned me in Deathknight have all faded. I don't know where I am from, who I where or where my home was. I only knew my fellow Deathknights, and allthough I knew we did terrible things to people, Arthas gave me a home. I was grateful for that. I never asked questions, always did what he asked me to do. For he gave me shelter when I was cold, feeded me when I was hungry and most of all: made me strong when I was weak.

Only once I heard something about my past. I had to execute some prisoners of war, and when I was ready to slay the last one, he looked at me. Pointed his finger toward me and said to me that he was sorry that I became this way. A toy in the hands of Arthas. He claimed that he was my brother, that we once fought side by side. I didn't believe him, I can't remember anything of my life before I was getting trained to be a Deathknight. Life lied to me so many times. Therefore I slew him, not listening to his pathetic attempt to escape my blade.

When my training was complete and I joined the elite group of Deathknights and I got an assignment. Together with some other Deathknights, a high ranked officer and loads of ghouls, we attacked some chapel. At that point I was still so grateful to Arthas I didn't even mind to ask which chapel it precisely was or what we where supposed to do. I just grabbed my sword and horse and fought. For the glory of my savior.

Can you imagine the pain when I became aware that the only person I ever admired wanted me dead? Wanted to use me as a disposible toy while I fought endlessly for and in his glory. For his recognition.

I became homeless once more. And even though Thrall granted me the right to be one of the horde, I still see the eyes of people looking down on me. I don't know them, but they know me. When I entered Orgrimmar for the first time they could spit at me, throw rotten things at me. Now that I am a member of the horde they cannot.

But that doesn't change the way they feel about me.

Therefore I long for a home, a place to rest and live among friends. A place where I could possibly redeem myself and become a hero among the horde.

Will you allow me to join your ranks? Will you offer me a place that I can truly call home?

About me:
Well hi!
I'm from the Netherlands, 20 years old and been playing WoW for some years now. Always casual though.
This is actually my first attempt to truly roleplay, got other chars on this realm tho. Just never seen a real RP guild, most guilds seem to be quite normal pve/pvp guilds around here.
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PostSubject: Looking good!   Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:49 pm

((Your story looks quite amazing, I barely believe you being new at it, or at least you know the lore and did some writing before I'm sure. I'd like to hold an interview with you considering your joining, please contact Kedran or myself (Also found on Mirné) in-game.))
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Application - Deamolus
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