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 Application - Vlargrom

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PostSubject: Application - Vlargrom   Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:37 pm

Short after the Lunar Festival, a little orc named Vlargrom was born. His mother was a bagger, and his father a brave shaman. In the great city of Ogrimmar the little family lived in peace, and the little Vlargrom was hurry showing signs. That he shut go in his father’s footsteps and become one of the few people that were having the ability to control the elements.

Strange thing, was always happening when he was in contact whit the elements. And his father was hurry to see it, Vlargrom’s future was decided, he shut be a shaman. In a young age, his father was starting teach him to control this powers.

But there wasn’t gone a lot of time, before he found out that he wasn’t able to teach his son the shaman’s power alone. So when Vlargrom became a grown, his parents decide that they would send him on a journey. So he cud learn from shamans all over Azeroth. Vlargrom accepted, so young foolish and naïve he said goodbye to his parents and start walking his way through Durtar to the Valley of trials. And it shall be here that his journey shall begin.


My character as it’s says in his background story, is a young, foolish and naïve young orc. His easy to manipulate, because he haven’t seen the “dark side” in the eyes yet. He is looking for his identity, as every one ells in his age. So young, foolish and naïve is an easy way to tell about his way of thinking.


I’m a young boy from Denmark, I haven’t played rolleplaying in WoW before, but I have played a lot of D&D and stuff like that. So I’m actually new in this type of rolleplaying. My English is not the best, but it’s actually because of that I want to start playing RP in WoW. So I can train my English, and have fun at the same time. So that’s my application to you guys, hope you like it.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Vlargrom   Sat Jan 17, 2009 2:24 pm

Hmm, I'd say that, if one ignores your slightly broken English, then you've made a very decent application. Don't worry about it, I'd say, for most people on this realm are happy to teach you how to role-play in WoW. The decision isn't up to me, of course, but if you diligently study the English used in the game, and evolve your linguistic skills, then I vouch for you Exclamation
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PostSubject: Afraid...   Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:16 pm

Unfortunately I had to decline Vlargrom for the reason that he is a shaman, one of three classes we cannot accept due to our use of magic and morale, however I did point him to the Orcs of the Red Blade, as I'm sure many orcs will vouch for him, I hope to see him bear their banner and whenever he makes something slightly more sadistic... <Cackles> You know the drill.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Vlargrom   

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Application - Vlargrom
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