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 Application to the Ebon Hold

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PostSubject: Application to the Ebon Hold   Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:17 pm

Relics of Blood

Irukah, a great and powerful Hex Doctor of the Atal’ai lineage, had led his war band into the Lordearon-region to acquire a mysterious relic, with him, he had his sister Neekah, who would not think twice before running in battle to protect her brother, with the strength and cunning she had been granted by their god: Hakkar the Soulflayer.

Day 14: We’ve been travellin’ for many days now, we’ve heard nothin’ but rumors and tales of the relic we seek, but I’ve ‘ad mah visions, more and more often lately… The voice in mah ‘ead keeps tellin’ me dat my goal’ll be found in da northern part of ‘tis land.
I hope, da great Hakkar’ll continue to guide me toward mah goal.

Day 23: After many days of walkin’, we be yet to find da relic’s residin’.
We even lost half da war band in a battle no’ too long ago… I be fearin’ da we might have lost da blessin’ of Hakkar. But we’ll be bein’ endurin’ dis test of faith, clearly Hakkar be wishin’ ta testin’ us, so we can be provin’ us self worty.

Day 37: Thru Hakkar’s whisperin’ I be havin’ found da residin’ of da relic. Mah sistah Neekah was out’n found da place in mah vision. I’ve sent out warband membah’s ta scout da blasphemic abandoned chapel of da pink skins. Soon, we’ll be movin’ in for da kill.
Hakkar be praised! For he be favorin’ his children!

Day 40: The Last Stand.

Irukah had prepared himself. He looked at Neekah who nodded back at him.
He gathered his small army, spoke the blessing of Hakkar, to encourage the zealous war band. He then raised his arms, and called out a ferocious battle cry as he lead the war band into the chapel. They breached the chapel doors, slaying all the cultists and unliving who had taken up residence in the chapel. Irukah and Neekah stood outside the chapel, watching as the zealous war band marched inside slaughtering everything in their way. Slowly they moved in, watched the bodies spread across the chapel floor, they moved to the back of the chapel, where the relic they so long had sought for stood. Irukah reached out, but before he could lay his hand upon the prize, he was met by the chilling cackle of a Lich. Irukah turned around, and saw as the monstrosity entered the chapel doors, he screamed for his war band to attack the Lich, but before they could react, the Lich had frozen the entire room solid. Neekah took her sword, and cut herself way to the Lich, Irukah quickly began chanting as he watched his sister closing in on the Lich, both driven by the dark whispers of immortality and power.

“You two are mine now..”

As the voice rang through their head, they landed a killing blow on the Lich, took their relic and walked into the wilderness…

Hello, my name is Jesper (Neekah), and my friend's name Emil (Irukah), we're both 17 years old and from Denmark. We have been roleplaying since the launch of the server 'Moonglade' which is about 2 and a half year ago. And we have been playing world of warcraft since the launch about 4 years ago.
We've both been very roleplay active on both, 'Earthen Ring', 'Argent Dawn', 'Moonglade' and now 'Defiasbrotherhood'. We see ourselves as quite potent roleplayers and we have been members of 'The Blighted Crown' and 'Mistrunner Tribe' on this server.

Hope this is good enough, we'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
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PostSubject: Letta see!   Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:24 pm

((Looks to have quite the potential! Not the usual application, but we can work out them details in your interview! Contact me in-game Wink ))
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Application to the Ebon Hold
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