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 Application to the Ebon Hold.

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PostSubject: Application to the Ebon Hold.   Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:30 am

Well.. One can say life is good. One can say it is cheerful to be with a women, it is cheerful to have children, to have your own family...

I say it is all mere Boredom... Life is boring. There is nothing that can amuse me

A Death Knight was leaning on a chair on the darkest corner of the Inn. His face untouched by decay, his eyes.. revealing a different reality. He was rotten to the bone on the inside.

I spent my life within the lust of Silvermoon. My Father was quite wealthy by the standarts of those days. I wish not to remember those times. I was a fool. A decendent.. fool.

The Elf peered at the Forsaken in front of him.

Lovely was it not? When the Scourge came i took my expensive and shinny armor. And there i went.. to fight them. The last thing i remember is swords trespassing my body. And waking up like this. Lovely?

Now.. here i am. Bored with this.. undeath... But i know ways of making it less bored.

The Forsaken starts to blabber a few words.

Lich King..? - Replyied the elf.- That fool is not even worthy of licking my boots...

The elf raising himself to his feet and walked away into the Rain leaving away the Brill Inn.

OOC: My Main Character is Altaran of the Sixty thieves, altough i am active on Aerandier. I have Three years of Roleplay experience. Jorgh is someone who can put up a good word for me. I wait for a reply. Smile
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Kedran Vaultrine
Kedran Vaultrine

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PostSubject: Re: Application to the Ebon Hold.   Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:53 pm

Altaran, I have to say, the story although a bit short is well written (Do note that it being short is not viewed by me as negative as I think a most beatiful story can be told in a very short amount of words.)

I think I might've seen you RP/ RPed with you a loooooooooooong time ago, we didn't know each other IC very well I believe but we might've exchanged words some times.

Having said that and putting the irrelevant aside, from what I gather you're a good Rper. Therefore, I approve of this application.

If Neshkor voices any objections to it then my judgement will be overruled but I think it's save to say that you pass for an interview.

Please contact me or Neshkor (a.k.a Mirné) in-game for an interview.. We might also approach you of course.

Edit: Apparantly you're already a member as Nesh told me upon login, well that makes this post redundant. Welcome to the guild!
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Application to the Ebon Hold.
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