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 The Ebon Hold

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PostSubject: The Ebon Hold   Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:18 pm

The Ebon Hold is a roleplaying guild stationed on the Defias Brotherhood (RPPvP) realm.

We much value experienced roleplayers, however we are no strangers to helping new roleplayers get on their feet. Sincerity is requested of all members when involved in roleplaying. And bad roleplaying, by which is meant "god-emoting" or pretending to be a lore-character, is strictly forbidden as we take part in a good roleplaying environment.

The Ebon Hold is a fraction of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, as such we obey the commands of Highlord Darion Mograine and our goal is to defeat the Scourge, however in our quest we take in those that abandoned the Lich King, others who will give their lives for his destruction, some that were trained in his necromancy.

Additionaly, the Ebon Hold is a guild which is non-aggressive to either Horde or Alliance, however in many skirmishes, clashes and large-scale battles it is likely to have some to have chosen a side and secretly battle among one or another.


On the outside we might look like uptight people, which take the game far too seriously, however inside of the guild, on our OOC channels, we're a friendly and most oftenly kind collection of people. I greatly enjoy seeing new faces and watch how characters develop and how the guild grows.

For more information please contact Neshkor, Mirné or Kedran in-game.

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The Ebon Hold
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