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 Application - Tikana

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PostSubject: Application - Tikana   Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:55 pm

Well, where do i begin, it all started off in silvermoon..i lived a normal life like any other blood elf, then the day came, i had to go to war against the scourge. I wasnt much of a fighter back then..but i still had to go.. The Very Next Morning i was on the blimp heading to nothend to fight the scourge.. The Journey wa So Scary, knowing that when we stoped i was going to have to fight fo my life. We FInally stopped after a couple of hours. I jumped off and seen the smoke from the scourge burnin our dead. I shivered in anger, fright and revenge, my mother was killed by the scourge when i was only young.. i was ent out of our stronghold to find my captain.. i knew that there was no chance of finding him but i had no choice. I wnt out looking in fright.. then i seen him the lich king stadning there staring at me and an Cold way. he said that i will becoem one of them , one of the scourge.. A Death Knight...I shouted Never and ran towards him with my blade high, he laughedas i did and Millions of scourge Came form the ground and dragged me into the darkness... Everythign went black.. i do not no how long this was but it was like forever.. I woke up with him standing over me, He said i will become one of the strongest.. I felt the power and i loved it, i Served him loyaly. Then the day came when we were sent to Lights Hope Chapel...He told us to Defeat teh Argent Crusade and othign will stop us.. but off cause we ere on holy ground.. The Lich Kign New we were goign to die and he sent us too die.. The Argent Crusaderealized this and Now we fight along side them us The Knights Of the Ebon Blade and the argent dawn, will deafeat the lich king! And This is where i turned up...

Well.. My character will dispise on anyone who is loyal to the lich kign and will try to kill who ever it is, the lich king took my characters mothers life and he will kill the lich king.. He follows the Knight Of The Ebon Blde

I hve been playing Wow For about 4 years.. my first character a lvl 70 mage. now my level 80 Deah Kngiht.Well bladster can tell you about me, hes in your guild.I hav been roleplaying for about 2 years i began when my bortehr bladster began. i thinki am goodat Rol playing but do get mistakes sometimes and sme noobish spellignmistakes but ic anf ix that my typeing slower.

Hope you enjoy my sotry background adn hope i can join thnks alot Tikana.
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PostSubject: Reply   Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:51 am

Let me start off with some facts concerning lore, as I prefer to always do.

First off, I'm not sure what to think of "The war just started" and already moving to Northrend, Northrend was barely explored or attacked by the races of the Alliance, only the expedition of Arthas Menethil had been there since the start of the Plague Wars, the elves did not follow persuit until after the destruction of the Sunwell, already a time into the war. Preparing for the assault on Northrend was not done within the day, which brings me to another point: It takes days to travel by boat from Azeroth to Northrend, not hours.
Granted: Zeppelins are faster than boats, but I do doubt they would decrease the travel time by that much, especially since the Goblin zeppelins are scrap-builds made in an era where ships dominate the seas.

Also, elves value good warriors, and would not be as incompetant to send fresh warriors against an enemy that can turn their corpses into stronger zombies.

Moving on, the Lich King, at the time of the elven attacks on Northrend, was still a frozen piece of armour in ice, death knight Arthas at the time had not yet taken the armour for himself and only held Frostmourne. Also, Arthas was at the time still in the capital of Lordaeron, Lordaeron. The elven attacks had forced him to retreat to Northrend to save the Lich King.
Upon arrival Arthas avoided as much of the elves as possible, and to my memory never did willingly bring the fight to them which is also why the Nerubians had brought him to Azjol-Nerub, to avoid conflict and to win time.

By the time that Arthas freed Ner'zhul from the ice and took his armour the elves were already packing their bags and fled for Quel'thalas and Outland, no elf would still be arriving to face Arthas. The latter is a conclusion drawn from the final cinematic of Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne, in which Arthas takes the helmet and seizes it as his own, as he puts it on he sits down upon the throne, no sign of battle is seen in all of the Northrend wastes.

On a smaller note: It seems illogical for the Lich King to, if circumstances are right, take an untrained body with little potential to meet the eye, and to raise it to become an instrument of fear and destruction.

I'm afraid I have to turn this application down for now, the lore of Death Knights is understandably difficult, especially to those that haven't done Warcraft III or paid close attention to it's dialogues, but it has to be correct, or in the end we'd all be claiming the opposite things.

For roleplaying help feel free to ask.
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Application - Tikana
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