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 Cyaska's Application.

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PostSubject: Cyaska's Application.   Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:46 pm

So I heard about the guild and got told to apply here... so here goes. I'll use the Read Me! Sticky as a foundation.

-First requirement is to write your character's background!
Cyaska is a Blood Elf Death Knight, that after being brought up in a rich and powerful household was taken in by the Scourge's promises of immortality.

-Second requirement is that we want to know a little bit of your character's way of thinking, most especially does it support the Scourge, or the Knights of the Ebon Hold?

Cyaska's only want is justice. She does not particularly support any factions, although will accept anyone who approaches her in a friendly manner.

-Thirdly we ask to know something about you! Not everything has to be dead or killing, so how long have you been playing? Know any other people around that could tell us about you? Mostly, we want to know how long have you been roleplaying? And how well do you think you are?

I've played WoW for about 15 months, got a Rogue to 70 in TBC and a Death Knight to 80 in WotLK on Haomarush PvP, and wanted to try RPing.
I've been RPing for about a month now, getting used to the language and keeping my character's story up. I have a minor habit of god emoting at times, but I'll blame my inexperience and hope that The Ebon Hold can help me out if I were accepted.

Any further questions then you can either whisper me in game or reply here, I'll check back every now and again.
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PostSubject: Reply   Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:24 pm

Looks like a good application to me, we'll have a look at how your emoting works but I'm sure that won't be much of a problem, please contact Kedran or myself in-game for your interview!
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Cyaska's Application.
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