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 Application of '' The Stunned ''(Retry)

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The Stun

PostSubject: Application of '' The Stunned ''(Retry)   Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:28 pm

* First of all, I have a few years of roleplaying experience, but still I usually fail at applications (as my last one did from some point) but I'm going to try to make this from another view, so just sit back and enjoy the application... Here it goes... *

The Stunned used to be a loyal forsaken, before the days of the death knight. The Stunned always served its race with respect and honour. Before the days of undead, The Stunned was a human, but there is nothing left of his human-history, so The Stunned's days of a human are forgotten and covered in shadows.
Before the days of a death knight, The Stunned also had a normal name, but it reminded too much of his days days before a death knight, a champion of the Scourge, so he got renamed to '' The Stunned. '' No one knows the '' real '' reason of the renaming, though.
After the event of the Ebon Hold, when the Knights of the Ebon Blade formed, The Stunned turned against the Lich King, but he still had some connections to the Scourge. The Stunned is now a loyal death knight, respecting other death knights and the members, that turned against the Scourge.
Really much of The Stunned's history is covered in shadows.
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Kedran Vaultrine
Kedran Vaultrine

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PostSubject: Re: Application of '' The Stunned ''(Retry)   Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:01 pm

You pass for an interview, please contact either, me, Neshkor (Mirné) in-game.
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Application of '' The Stunned ''(Retry)
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