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 Application - Mirilien Darksorrow

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PostSubject: Application - Mirilien Darksorrow   Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:38 am

Mirilien´s background is a work in progress, although the beginning has been decided.

During the third war, Mirilien served under prince Kael'thas Sunstrider and was one of the troops that were imprisoned alongside of him in Dalaran.
As the prince made his escape with the aid of lady Vash, Mirilien, another elven woman and a dozen of men became seperated with the prince and captured by the humans.

She was found dead, stripped clean in the dungeons underneath Dalaran and reanimated by the vile knight Neshkor and brought to Naxxaramas where she eventually was gifted.

How Mirilien thinks.. Well, towards the living, she acts with sarcasm as she despices them.
She is cunning and deceptive, rather than showing brute force and direct violence(unless she feels it neccissary)
Mirilien isn´t quite happy with the odd turn of events, that the lich king used her and his other death knights as lambs in luring the wolf out, seeing at a mistake on his behalf that he will surely regret. For now, she follows Highlord Darion´s wishes to honor the alliance with the horde.

Her description is as follows:
Her gaze is sinister and displays a cold glow and her voice hallowed which sets her apart from her living breathren.

Fairly beautiful even though her smooth skin has paled considerably in her undeath. Her long hair now thin threads of faint blue that flow unrestrained and her features suggest that she was in her young adult stage when she died which leads your attention to a scar across her throat.

I´ve roleplayed for quite long now, or about twelve years not sure what else to say.

Best regards,
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PostSubject: Decent 'nough.   Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:47 pm

I've known Mirilien for a little while now and I approve of her roleplaying, bit short of an application but as stated it's still in development, I say this one passes the test and can go on for an application.

Contact me or Kedran in-game for an interview.
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Application - Mirilien Darksorrow
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