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 Application - Dakheva

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PostSubject: Application - Dakheva   Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:08 pm

The word "awaken" has a particular meaning for me. It is not contained merely to the thought of rising once more, knowing the battles I face dog my every step. A definition by connotation would suggest rising after the night fades into morning; it is this image I most relate to.

Once a warrior of the Tauren, revered by my hometown, my name recognised in cities across the lands. Now, my memories of that time have been stolen from me. My period of sleep in the hands of The Lich King haunts me to this day. I still recall the smile that framed my face as I cut down innocent after innocent - revelling in the exhilaration of my superior strength. An unstoppable force from the Realm of Shadows as I strived to earn my Master's favour in any way I could. Blinded and choked by his hold on my mind, I charged into battle in his name.

Then, the sun rose upon Light's Hope Chapel. My mark of the Scourge flaming with the adrenaline in my veins, I leapt into battle alongside the other slaves. I see now our efforts were in vain. I see now our lives were meaningless to the man we all strived to please. The one who took our minds, our bodies, our souls for his amusement - to be used and discarded at his discretion.

But the sunlight was merciful. My life was spared and my mind returned to me as I looked upon the face of The Lich King. No longer shrouded by the Shadows, I saw deep into those soulless eyes and saw the monster within. The realisation of my deeds at his command hit me, and I burned deep within my heart with hatred. Hatred for the man who had turned me to the Shadows; I resented him almost as much as I resented myself.

In the days to come I fled from the Chapel. I ran until my hooves could no longer carry me. Seeking refuge in the lands of the Horde was my only option, and there my mark met with scorn. These innocents knew of my bloodlust. They knew the monster I was forced to become. It would be an uphill struggle to regain their favour. But it was a task I knew must be done - to ease the emptiness and the self-loathing in my own heart if nothing else.

As shaky favour grew with some of the major cities, I decided I would find myself. Seek out my past and fill in the gaps of my memory. It was then I returned to Bloodhoof Village, and the Tauren's evasive answers unsettled me. Their mistrust and scorn I had begun to accept, but this was something more - was this pity I could see in their eyes? I searched high and low for some clues to my past, and learned of a tent on the outskirts that had belonged to my family. I sped there on my accursed mount, rounding the hill to witness my past.

The remnants of a small cluster of tents lay amongst the blackened earth. A child's toy mace lay disgarded under a beam of wood and I couldn't help but wonder if I had known this child. Flashes of the former glory burned in my sight, as the pieces began to fit together. I had lived here with my mother and father. I could hear the screams from Bloodhoof village as the Scourge came into the valley, leaving only destruction in their wake. Taking up my sword, I stood ready to fight, to protect my home and loved ones. Tears filled my eyes as I heard the shrill cry of my mother, watching my father be cut down in front of her. We were surrounded! I couldn't get to her, the minions of the Scourge gathered around me, ready to bring me down. I slashed and hacked wildly, no longer caring for them, seeing only rhe blind hatred for these monsters.

My mother fell, her scream echoing through the area. I looked up to see a man (at least I think it was human) pull a sword from her chest, grinning with bloodlust. I charged toward him, knocking anything I could out of my path. This man would pay, he would fall before my feet. He would feel what my parents felt.

With hindsight I can gather I did not accomplish my task. I failed my homeland, and was brought before the Lich King himself.

It has been my goal to seek release from the aching in my heart. Running has not solved it, slaying the minions of the Scourge only leaves me feeling cheated. I know I must attack right at the heart of the Shadows - at the Lich King himself. I know I am not strong enough to defeat him as yet, but I will be. I have dreamed of the day my sword plunges deep into his chest, and I long for it.

The morning for me has come. I have awoken.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

My name is Nemygia. I am a level 62 Death Knight with a cause. I will join with those freed from the hold of the Lich King, and will eagerly take up arms with those who seek to destroy the Lich King himself. Whilst having never RPed before, I am a fast learner, and will do what it takes to prove myself.
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PostSubject: Reply... Pretty much... An awestruck, silent, reply.   Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:23 pm

An amazing story indeed! I couldn't turn something like this down in an eternity! Please contact me or Kedran in-game for an interview!
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Kedran Vaultrine
Kedran Vaultrine

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Dakheva   Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:39 pm

*stamps with his stamp of approval a few hundred times* Need I say more?
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Dakheva   Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:50 pm

................................................................................ *this goes on for forty or so more pages*
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Dakheva   

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Application - Dakheva
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