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 Leshnyhan Sunshadow's Aplication

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PostSubject: Leshnyhan Sunshadow's Aplication   Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:18 pm

Leshnyhan Sunshadow is a Blood Elf Death Knight on a quest to avenge the death of his long lost brother Aschoff Plaguebringer, also a Death Knight of the Scourge, killed in the offensive against New Avalon. Leshnyhan blames the Lich King for corrupting the minds of the two brothers and then abandoning them to their fate after the events at Light's Hope Chapel. Leshnyhan keeps an 18-page long journal describing the most important events of his life until the day he hears about The Ebon Hold and he will give that journal to the guild officer that interviews him (if the aplication is approved) as part of his pledge of loyalty to the other DK's of The Ebon Blade. I created the item using Gryphonheart Items addon, so it is required for others to accept it and read it. If you want i'll transcribe the content here, just did the journal to use in roleplay.

Regarding Leshnyhan's way of thinking, he has endured pain from both sides of the war. However i think the scale tips against the Scourge, because the betrayal by the Lich King was a direct influence on the death of his brother, the only relative he had alive. He is now alone and seeking guidance, but his hate grows stronger everyday and may even begin to cloud his judgement, so he can get a little temperamental.

Now something about me. I'm a 25 year old medic from Portugal, so i don't play for large amounts of time at once, only maybe at some weekends. I began playing WoW in June and i have a level 55 priest named Fallgarth in the guild The Cult of Shadow (you can ask something to Rasonal if you need to). I've played once with Neshkor in a boost he so kindly gave me and a friend of mine in Zul'Farrak together with Rasonal, but we still managed to get killed by scarabs (sorry about that). Before WoW i played for about a year a F2P MMORPG named Runes of Magic where i had a Priest/Mage lvl 48/37. That got me addicted to this kind of games and i went straight in to a RPPVP server because i think RP really gives an edge to this game. I hate gankers and cheese. That's about it.

Hope to hear from you, sorry for doing an OOC aplication, if you want i'll make an IC one revealing the content of Leshnyhan's journal.
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PostSubject: Re: Leshnyhan Sunshadow's Aplication   Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:26 pm

Sounds cool to me, also, you d be like...Second person using GHI in our guild...I m the first, sadly I lost all my items to WoW reinstal but thats another story.

Either way, if Ked or Nesh sees you fit, we can await the interview, I dont have any real power here, hehe
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Leshnyhan Sunshadow's Aplication
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