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 Hessen Blacktotem.

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PostSubject: Hessen Blacktotem.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:10 pm

Hey guys. Now you have already probably spoken to me, or seen me mooching around on Defias Brotherhood. I have a DK I would like to rp with like all my chars on this server. I have been playing this game for well over 3 years now, and still like to play it. I am fairly active though often vanish for a week or so, or rarely come on if I have interests elsewhere but always return.

Heres the IC bit but before I hand it to you, decided it best to tell you about some of the character in names family history (Hessen) or the shining part of it in this case which is his father Hellvern.

Hellvern Blacktotem.

Hellverns birthplace and family have remained a mystery to most. The Bull himself does not care for time normally to tell his tale and when he does its normally either the mead talking or something has gone wrong. Now verging on being over 40 years of age (Although he often forgets to count) he is an experienced fighter and even though he often hides it, hungers for the next chance to slam his axe into a new foe.

What is known is the Bull spent most of his life wandering the plains of Mulgore and the Barrens. Hellvern for the first decades of his life ended up like most Tauren, in an inescapable war with the Centaur. This led to the deaths of his brothers who were abandoned by an allied tribe when they needed them the most after the Kolkar raided their village.

Hellvern with what was left angered by their betrayal sought revenge on the Tauren tribe that had left them in their time of need. With a band of warriors stormed that tribes village, killing the leader the raiders went wild killing anyone who was foolish enough to get in their way. After the village had been burnt to the ground the Bull kidnapped a young female Tauren, who later became his wife and gave birth to his three children; Hessen, Cusi and Tecumseh Blacktotem.

The band became extremely bloodthirsty often joining with other Tribes to fight Centaur and raiding their natural enemies mercilessly, killing anyone they did not deem useful. However much unknown to them did they know they were in a losing war. Some years passed and the band slowly grew smaller most having been killed or dieing of disease.

One day news arrived of a strange pact between the Tauren Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof and some strangers across the sea. They quickly went to meet these new arrivals and joined them in their fight against the demons. Hellvern during his time was a hunter of the horde befriending an Orc warrior and slowly learnt how to speak Orcish. After the demons had been destroyed the only Tauren of that old warband who had remained was Hellvern.

Saddened by the loss of his brethren he returned home to where his wife stayed caring for his otreacle spongepring. Blacktotem's family eventually left for the newly founded Orcish city of Orgrimmar. Some time after arriving however Hellvern's wife died of a fever which was followed by the loss of Hessen, the families eldest son who had vanished one day.

Worried about the families falling wealth and almost driven mad by his wifes death and his most promising son gone. Hellvern tried to marry his daughter of to a Grimtotem. Cusi refused and quickly fled taking her younger Brother Tecumseh with her to save him from any more impractical plans Hellvern had.

Hellvern soon found himself alone. As a result he turned to the one thing he knew best, fighting, and became a traveling Mercenary. Discovering a love for all things Mechanical and explosive from a Goblin he continued following his passion for violence. This slowly led to his arrival in Silvermoon where he served a number of Blood Elven houses in a series of conflicts.

However with the Scourge Invasion in full swing, Hellvern has found himself alone. And with only the Argent Dawn encouraging him and many more to slaughter the waves of Undead sent to rid the land of the living, and his services to the New Covenant promising future wars. The Tauren has become leaderless and seeks some good guidance in his life that at least provides him some reason to continue fighting. whoever the foe may be.

Hessen cleared his throat. Being dead and not having to care about the whims of life may appear good to certain onlookers. Sadly being dead only meant other problems took its place. For a start, dust would often clog up the insides, though he didn't need to breath it didn't stop it getting inside him. That of course could make talking a total pain.
He stopped to venture a peer down the road, looking both ways before sitting back on a broken bench perched beside two twisted trees. Ghostlands was an odd place. Removing a pipe he filled it with some tobacco before lighting it.
He remembered his father indulging in a similar habit, the home grown stuff from Thunderbluff was often more powerful and likely to swing you into a series of mind wrecking visions.
Great thing about being undead, is I can't die from cancer at least, he thought to himself whilst leaning back enjoying the gloom.
Turning again to look up the road a hunched figure wobbled into sight and made a mad dash for the Tauren. Rotting skin and foul smelling liquids that oozed from the ghouls mouth hardly had affect on the Bull.
He stared at it for awhile as it came to sit beside him saying little except for the crude advertisments it would blurt out every now and then. Of all the undead servants he could have this one had to be a deceased sales person, most likely a human from Stratholme.
Hessen slowly began to brood over past happenings
Since being liberated from the control of the Lich king, he had been reunited with his family, or more to the point his father, which had taken on a very emotional theme, something Hellvern rarely ever fell into. His sister and little brother had been happy and on the verge of further grief at discovering what he had become. The two nature lovers having suspected he was dead. Let alone undead, and even worse an old servant of the Lich King.
Upon having his mind freed from control he had abandoned the Ebon Blade, he still despised the Alliance and an organisation that would work with them seemed to make him feel less confident within their ranks. Especially after discovering his kin. He disliked the Scourge but after awhile he had found himself like his dad. Not giving a damn about either unless money was presented or they stuck their nose in his business (Booze and women was kept strictly to his father. If your capabilities to feel are somewhat rotted away, your less inclined to give a damn about the opposite sex, or the feeling of being pissed).
In fact, being undead had made him almost pointless, incapable of any feeling that could make "life" or being around more interesting, more eventful and ultimately more worthwhile. The undead were made to serve yet he had no one to serve besides the family.
He had to acquire an objective, and then it came to him, whilst not helping the family he should be doing what all Death Knights do, eradicating the bloke who almost had them washed away by the Argent Dawn.
Yet how could he go about that? He could be all charge in and smash everything left right and centre, an old trait amongst those feisty Blacktotems. OR he could be brutally ripped apart in the process, again like most Blacktotems, a good reason for there being few of them. No he needed to be more strategic, he had to be with others of the same cause. Of course a vision of the Ebon Blade sat on his mind peering at him like a big sign saying "Here is the answer".
However they were inclined to help everyone of the same cause including the Alliance. That would not do. But what about THOSE Ebon Blade? The ones not so inclined to help the Alliance?
He slowly rose, grabbing his undead horse with one arm and his ghoul companion with the other. A whine heralded the arrival of his pet: a polar bear. The cuddly white cub was quickly brought up by the ghoul who ignored the creature as it nibbled at a loose piece of skin.
"Time to go" Hessen announced.
"Time to go and find some friends."
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PostSubject: Re: Hessen Blacktotem.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:25 pm

Hellie, that was -pure- awesome.

Good luck. Very Happy!
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Kedran Vaultrine
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PostSubject: Re: Hessen Blacktotem.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:29 pm

Hello there,

Your application doesn't hold any lore mistakes that I have noticed, furthermore it is long and decently written, a decent story all in all (TEH members will be able to tell you that I am quite a harsh reviewer and that you can take this as a big compliment Razz) anyway, if Neshkor does not hold any objections you may contact him, as I am unable to come online, for an interview.

Best regards,


The die is cast.
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PostSubject: Review.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:12 pm

Passes fully to my eye, although not a reader I enjoyed this part, it's nice to see Hellvern and Hessen having a bond together as it allows more inactivity.
I couldn't find any mistakes or errors with lore or anything, I got nothing to complain about (Freakishly new.)

Please contact me for your interview to join the Ebon Hold.
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PostSubject: Re: Hessen Blacktotem.   

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Hessen Blacktotem.
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