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 Applications Read Me!

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PostSubject: Applications Read Me!   Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:03 pm

If you seek to join the ranks of The Ebon Hold then you will need to make an application, don't worry!
We keep it simple.

When you write an application we will want to read some about your experience as a roleplayer and your character, don't worry if you're new! There's always potential for learning if you're willing and there's always someone willing to give a hand.

-First requirement is to write your character's background! Now don't worry, we won't ask you where you were last wednesday at 19:00, was it Silvermoon or perhaps Stormwind? No, just a plain background story

-Second requirement is that we want to know a little bit of your character's way of thinking, most especially does it support the Scourge, or the Knights of the Ebon Hold?

-Thirdly we ask to know something about you! Not everything has to be dead or killing, so how long have you been playing? Know any other people around that could tell us about you? Mostly, we want to know how long have you been roleplaying? And how well do you think you are? (Being new to roleplaying doesn't mean we decline you)

Of-course, if there's any trouble with any of these three requirements then we ask you to tell us why, as some roleplayers think out their story as they play further along.

For any questions or other information, contact me in-game.

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Applications Read Me!
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