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 Thenkar Shadowborn's application

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PostSubject: Thenkar Shadowborn''s application   Sun May 17, 2009 1:59 am

This is a story unlike many heroic epics and like many of it's kind, it begins in Tirisfal Glades.

Thenkar was born on an ordinary pumpkinfarm a bit west from Brill. His father had inherited the farm from his family, and Thenkar's mother was originally from a small trader family from Stratholme. Thenkar grew up with little noteful events and it wasn't a surprise that he soon got bored of his quiet farm life. His chance to escape came, when he heard that the Church of Holy Light was seeking young people to join and study to be priests and priestesses of the Light. And to help and make people happy in the name of Light, as they said. Thenkar abandoned his old life without a bit of hesitation and so he began his priestly path.

Thenkar was hard working and diligent in his studies and career up until he rose to the rank of a lay priest. At the time he was stationed in Andorhal, teaching pupils and even assisting in a few sermons. He had also studied herbal lore and managed to gather some coin by selling various self-made salves and medicines. He wasn't fiercely devoted to the Light, but his faith was strong enough to dream of a quiet life and maybe stationing to Stratholme, when the time came.

If he only knew how wrong he was...
Thenkar survived the first outbreak in Andorhal by luckily being away at the time. But when he returned and heard tales of the undead involvement and rumours of the plague, he began developing a paranoia and before long he was holed up in his quarters with supplies and a staff to defend himself. Unfortunately all that was for naught as he himself succumbed to the Plague not in combat, but by a tainted loaf of bread. Fortunately for others, he had quarantined himself in so well that in undeath it took him time to get out and when he finally broke free as a ghoul, Andorhal had already been conquered and razed by the Death Knight Arthas Menethil.

Thenkar spent a long time in the mindless state. When the Forsaken broke away from the Scourge, Thenkar began slowly feeling more than Lich Kings whispers. As he slowly regained more and more of his mind and free will, he started to wander back towards more familiar lands. He made it as far as to the Deathknell before finally fully regaining his sanity. No one had bothered to slay a babbling, confused ghoul during his journey.

At first he was shocked and confused of his fate like many other Forsaken before and after him. He still tried to cling to the Light, refusing to believe the truth others attempted to tell him. He became depressed when his prayers stayed unanswered. As he got more used to his undead state, his depression slowly turned into hate and anger. Soon he cursed the Light for it's empty words and naïve teachings and swore never to serve it again. Instead he began listening various members of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow with more and more interest, absorbing it's virtues and teachings like a sponge. Soon he was more devoted to the Shadow than he had ever been to the Light. After learning enough to continue on his own, he left Deathknell and wandered around much changed Tirisfal. He was surprised when he noticed how little it shook him that he didn't recognise his childhood home nor cared what had happened to his family. He had no remorse left for them.

Respect, Tenacity and Power. Death and Compassion.
Those were the only virtues he cared about anymore.
To honor that he took the name Shadowborn to symbolise his new faith and life in the darkness. Only few people heard his surname ever again.

After awhile he settled in Undercity and began to perform tasks to the Royal Apothecary Society. There he managed to gain some respect, but never bothered to climb through the ranks, mostly just performing shady research with Keever. After becoming bored of Keever he made the first of his many 'political' excursions to Silvermoon. He got some friends and enemies there and took part on various misdeeds including the infection and blackmail of a Light worshipping cult by Plague and dealings with undead who might not have been Forsaken. Still, he never forgot to send an occasional fool to Undercity for Keever to study.
Thenkar's mind ended up in a very fragile state after a series of irresponsible tests he made with various poisons and so he became erratic and paranoid. He began to see murlocs and gnomes conspiring everywhere, even behind his back. However, he has managed to cure himself from his affliction and only a hint of paranoia and occasional fancy of confusing people remains.

Today's Thenkar is very devoted to the Forgotten Shadow with alchemy taking a smaller role in his life. He isn't particularly loyal to Sylvanas or the Horde and he prefers to follow the path of the Shadow and fight for it's cause. He opposes the Lich King and despises the Light-worshippers seeing them as misguided fools who should be converted or taken care of as soon as possible. Thenkar has been a victim of assaults and attempted murders and they have left him paranoid and aware of danger. Death hasn't made him any less feeble than he was alive, so he's almost useless in direct physical combat. That's why he dislikes pointless and messy killing and tries to work through lackeys or in the background as much as possible. He enjoys psychological warfare as he thinks that every sentient being can be corrupted to join the Shadow given enough help. He also has a good knowledge of various words and spells that affect the mind. He stays loyal to his superiors as long as it benefits the Shadow in some way. Thenkar wasn't very old when he died, but he habitually tries to act older and wiser than he might actually be.
When he puts on a face of a gentle listener, he usually has some hidden agenda to pursuit and his advice should be treated with some pondering - as it might not be as benevolent as it seems. Thenkar thinks high of himself and this causes him to underestimate his opponents if they do not show their strength. His calm face drops and reveals an angry, impatient person when the things go awry. During his breakdowns he thinks little of what he says and might make the situation even worse for himself.

Thenkar Shadowborn wandered through the Canals of Undercity. He was upset, very upset. He had freshly returned to the Undercity to see his colleagues and compare research. However, to his disappointment, the work was largely milling in place after the death of Putress. He was a great man, Thenkar thought. If he only hadn't done that one foolish mistake... Who'd trust a dreadlord even with a small prayer slip? Well, great minds are prone to insanity, Thenkar decided. Still, he'd have to calm down before working with those fanatics again. Perhaps the Shadow could offer some insight... It must have a more important fate than this in store for him.
That in his mind Thenkar made his way to the War Quarter to seek some rest and spiritual guidance. There he prayed a silent moment before he decided to wander around. Who knew, there could be something interesting to watch and take his thoughts away from the subject at hand. Father Lancester was just standing around, as usual, but there were some death knights sparring with the dummies and each other. Thenkar observed them idly and played with a thought: “What use could I be for them? In a way, they are just like us, but somehow they have gotten the status we Forsaken hadn't.” - “For one thing, they're efficient”, he thought when he made his decision. Thenkar faded into the twilight subtly and began creeping towards the knights. Did he need to confront them? No, he decided. No one'd have to know yet, he stated.
Thenkar concentrated and began weaving the Shadow around the knights. “Neshkor.. Vaultrine.. The Ebon Hold” He quickly got the names he needed and hastily left before they noticed and questioned him. Now he knew just the right people to appeal to. Smiling, Thenkar scurried to the Apothecarium. There was a lot of planning to do.
Thenkar lit a candle and placed it on his small operating table. The other Forsaken were too busy with their petty research or just didn't care about anything happening around so he could work in peace. That's why Thenkar chose Apothecary for his task. No one would interrupt him if he didn't interrupt them. Thenkar swiped bunches of cluttered memos, ingredients and vials away and spread a new, stainless parchent on the table. “I can see clearly now, the Shadow has shown me the way”, he thought and began to write:

A Pledge of Loyalty

Salutations, leaders of the Ebon Hold. The Shadow has spoken to me and told that you might benefit from my services. We share the same goal: the utter destruction of the Scourge. I wish to join your ranks for alone I can do little. I know of your devotion to your cause and I hope you shall find my skills useful to you.
Every sentient being needs something greater to follow. As you might guess, I am well versed in the teachings of the Forgotten Shadow. If you have a lack of spiritual sermons, rituals and warfare, I'll be more than happy to provide them. I have also had dealings with the Royal Apothecary Society, so all kinds of potions, poisons and diseases are not unknown to be. And if something is, it can always be researched.
I wish my offer will rouse your interests; I have heard a great deal about you and I'm impressed of what I've heard. I eagerly wait for your reply.

I foresee we shall meet soon.

Thenkar Shadowborn, Cleric of the Forgotten Shadow

After drying the ink, Thenkar sealed the letter with some wax and a signet he had found from a nearby table. Then he summoned a courier and trusted the letter to him. Afterwards the only thing to do was wait. And pray for the Shadow.


I got a bit carried away, but here's a small insight on the lore I've managed to brainstorm for Thenkar. I haven't written many RP stories yet, so this might be a bit dull at times as I got carried away while writing it. For myself I can say that I've roleplayed only for a year or two. Of course, I've been interested in it for much longer, but I didn't properly start before WoW, which I've been playing for about one and half years. Still, I think I'm a quite decent roleplayer and Kedran should know me if you need to hear someone else's opinion.

But now I'll leave this baby for your judgement. Good Night!

P.S. This got longer than I thought. Sorry!))
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Kedran Vaultrine
Kedran Vaultrine

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PostSubject: Re: Thenkar Shadowborn's application   Sun May 17, 2009 10:32 am

History and a story, and I even recognise some of the history through what you RPed in the past Very Happy

Either way, mate, you're a pass, this is a very good application and I already know you're a good RPer too.

You've got the Executioner's stamp of approval and with it my full endorsement.

And as long as Neshkor doesn't voice opposition you may..

Contact me or Neshkor in-game for an interview.

The die is cast.
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Thenkar Shadowborn's application
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