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 Sohkar's App

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PostSubject: Sohkar's App   Sun May 10, 2009 5:39 pm

Sohkar was once known as Darrick Renn, but many events shaped this young mans life into chaos.
Darrick Renn was once a Knight of the Silver Hand, because Darrick was a member of The Silver Hand he was called to battle for The Third War.
The Silver Hand reached there destination and they were in awe at the site of the vast armies of undead, but still they had to fight.
Darrick charged into battle with other Knights, there were clashes of steel and cries of anguish, such carnage.
Darrick was in the thick of it all. SMASH! a mace crashed down onto Darrick's shield, the vibrations of the two metals connecting knocked the undead brute back, giving Darrick enough time to re-cooperate. Darrick raised his sword and with a strong slash he cut the head off the Undead, A ghoul charged at Darrick with and axe and attempted to end his life, but Darrick parried and disposed of the undead.
He heard footsteps that were so heavy the very ground beneath him shook, an abomination the size of a house came crashing towards him, until another knight through a chain to a tree and tripped the Abomination over, because of the poor design work the monstrosity couldn't get back up.

Darren was momentarily distracted and because of it a skeleton wearing rusted armor managed to stick his blade through Darrick's back. The skeleton warrior twisted the blade and pulled it out. Darrick was dead in a pool of his own blood.

Darrick later awoke as an undead minion, because he had freshly died there wasn't much rotting going on.
Darrick had no memories just a burning hunger he could not satisfy.

The Lich King's powers stared to diminish, a Banshee named Sylvanas took advantage and broke free of the Lich King's mind control, she took with her many undead, Darrick was amongst them.
He was given a name, Sohkar, to signify he was once again in possession of his own will.

2 years after the third war, Sohkar was admitted into the Deathguard Regiment. He was sent on a skirmish to kill a group of scourge terrorizing a village. Sohkar and the rest of the platoon which consisted of 12 men, arrived at the village. There must've around 50 undead scourge. Sohkar and the platoon were overrun within a matter of minutes. None survived.
"Come to me, server me once more."
Sohkar tried to fight the temptation, but this unknown voice was just to powerful.
"Be immortal, unchallengeable, undefeatable."
The voice offered so much. Sohkar gave in.

A couple of seconds passed and sohkar awoke on a hard, cold stone floor. The stench of blood and rotting corpse filled the air.
Sohkar was greeted by a man named Instructor Razuvious. The Instructor, instructed Sohkar to go grab some armour and a weapon and report to the Lich King, he did as he was told.
The Lich king and two of his Sub-ordinates Prince Keleseth and Valanar. They made him do horrible things, slaughter innocents and burn down villages.
After causing much destruction and chaos Sohkar was ordered to fight with High Lord Darion Morgraine to take over Light's Hope chapel.
Darion, Sohkar and many other Death Knights discovered Arthas had betrayed them all. From that day on Sohkar was no longer a Death Knight of the Scourge, but a Death Knight of the Ebon Blade.
Sorry if it is a tad long and rambles.
RPed bout 4-5 years, already got a character in The Ebon Hold.
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PostSubject: Review   Sun May 10, 2009 11:12 pm

Passes my expectations. Contact me t'morrow lad, then we can settle it.
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Sohkar's App
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