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 Applcation - Thazad

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Thazad t

PostSubject: Applcation - Thazad   Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:10 pm

Not long ago someone was found in the ocean about 4 nautic miles from the coast of the scarlet enclave. This person was swepped overboard and taken to The Undercity. where he recovered and remained. This person had no name, he was interrogated after brought to The Undercity, and he don't even remembered his name. He was found allmost cut to pieces.

After awhile in Undercity a Death Stalker found him playing with 4 ghouls in the canals. He was taken to an Undead Summoner, and was told that he should seek a trainer, because he had the abillity to summon minions for his advantage, and those necromancy skills seemed to good trained, so wherever he came from, it wasnt really a farm.

He's training went amazingly fast, like if there was allready something in his head knwing how to most of the Necromancy, they just needed a repetation. The training went on and the student had talented skills when it came to summoning. So the Warlocks of Undercity gave him a new name, something from his nature.

Thazad the Demonbinder.

After a time of hard training, knowledge gains, inscripting and exploration in outland, Thazad found a place he could belong.
He was entering The Ebon Hold as an Undead Necromancer under High Reaver Neshkor's command.
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PostSubject: Reply   Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:28 pm

Passes to my eye for an interview, contact me in-game so we may find an appropiate time.

Keep in mind Demonbinder, that demons are forbidden during RP. You'll have to make due with magical items and alike to summon forth minions.
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Applcation - Thazad
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