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 Application to fight the Scourge

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PostSubject: Application to fight the Scourge   Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:12 am

I wish to lodge an application to join the Ebon Hold. My character, although new in this realm is a rogue and with training, hopes to gain great knowledge and the power of subterfuge to sneak in unnoticed to any target and carry out her assigned assassination goals or other goals as required by her guild. I am female, 21 years old and love Roleplay. I live in the UK and live alone, apart from working which manages to keep me busy Smile

Dortrani decided to become a Rogue after her father Nordanos, A skilled assassin and master of poisons, was killed during the scourge attack on Silvermoon. She swore vengeance on the the instigator of the attack and has recently learned that this was indeed Arthas who had now Infused his own body with a God and had Fled to the Icy Wastes of Northrend. She now prepares herself to face her ultimate destiny to kill this so-called 'Lich King', avenge her father and free the land from this scourge that has blighted it for so long. She knows she will need allies to accomplish this task and sets out training her body, mind and spirit to face the task at hand, and after arming herself with her weapons and poisons, sets out to seek out Arthas, the scourge, and to bring an end to it all.

As for who my Character supports - Just a brief glimpse at the Silvermoon Skyline is enough to bring tears of sadness and fill any Blood Elf's heart with rage at what the Scourge have done to their home city. The scar on the land goes only to show what the scourge are capable of if left to fester like the boils on the face of Azeroth that they are. All should be destroyed and Arthas has great crimes to answer for - the sooner I can take him out of the equation, no matter what it takes, the BETTER.

I have other characters on other realms, but having been RP'ing for around 11 years now (my experience expands into Dungeons and Dragons whilst rising to the rank of Dungeon Master and having to arrange and roll up all the roleplaying adventures for a group of 20 RP'ers and keep the game flowing continuously, Aliens the roleplay game, Dungeons and Dragons online, other online RPG's and of course WoW) I would finally like to get to grips with the RP PVP realms and show my worth.
On Alonsus, I have a level 66 Bllod Elf Paladin and various other lower level classes, trying to find out how they all work individually to get a feeling for all of Warcraft so I know all the Races and classes.
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PostSubject: Sounds like it!   Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:26 am

Heh, Kedran will enjoy this one...

Gets my stamp of approval, contact me in-game and we can arrange an interview!
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Kedran Vaultrine
Kedran Vaultrine

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PostSubject: Re: Application to fight the Scourge   Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:10 pm

I saw my name!

But.. How can I enjoy this one when it is a blood elf?
*Grabs torturing equipment* ...Oh.. I see..

Either way, good application and welcome to the guild!
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PostSubject: Re: Application to fight the Scourge   Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:17 pm

*Nods in approval*
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PostSubject: Re: Application to fight the Scourge   

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Application to fight the Scourge
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